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PureEldenRing updates – Site Data now 1.04 and more

PureEldenRing Site Updates

This week has been a really busy week for the PureEldenRing team. Since the game launched the site has expanded somewhat with more and more data being added each week.

With all the new content going in for players, I decided to strip the site back to improve performance. I had noticed things were getting overcomplicated and cumbersome to deal with in the backend. When the site first launched the data we had was pretty thin on the ground but that has of course changed since release. I wanted to make sure pages were popping up efficiently and fast and the changes made this week should improve that.

The v1.04 patch brought a lot of changes when it comes to the game data, and with every patch, the process of updating the data is getting a little easier. New patches also bring new data discoveries so more details on every page can be fleshed out. These take a little time to add but we have added more info on pages with these PureEldenRing updates today.

Today we completed the patch 1.04 update after a few small hiccups getting all the info into the system. Apologies if you saw a few funky things happening on pages, it’s unavoidable but that will happen less and less.

To make things easier Nekro has also been doing a lot of backend work so we can deploy updates to current tools and future tools quicker. This is going to be important moving forward. On that point, the Weapon Calculator Tool has been updated with v1.04 data now. The tool will also now save your data so when you return your last settings are saved.

On the written content side, Scott has been busy with his quest guides, He’s got a few more to add but it’s great to see those being added now, it may help a few people out.

Users of the Overwolf app will have noticed a few changes to pages as that system has had a few tweaks and there are a few layout changes based on users’ feedback.

Speaking of tweaks, we have made a change to the interactive map after feedback from user Caleb Murrieta who wanted it so the map markers would not vanish when hovered over. Markers will now stay put on icon hovers. We’re still updating the map, patch 1.04 slowed us down a little on that but we’ll get that all filled out as quickly as possible. There is an issue with the map page and some of the left nav dropdowns and page layout which we are looking at sorting out over the weekend so apologies for that. It will be fixed ASAP!

I think that’s it for now. A huge thanks to the community for all the feedback and help. PureEldenRing is getting better by the week and that’s in part thanks to you guys. Don’t forget to say hello on Discord and the forums, and we’ll keep adding new info and data as it appears.