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Spirit Ashes

spirit ashes

What are Spirit Ashes?

Spirit Ashes are a new addition to Elden Ring that allows the player to summon the spirits of fallen enemies to assist them in combat, these items can be found throughout the Lands Between and will cost FP to use.

Can I use more than one Spirit Ash at once?

You can only use one Spirit Ash at any given time currently, however some Spirit Ashes will summon more than one companion.

When can I use Sprit Ashes?

You can only use Spirit Ashes when you are in range of a Rebirth Monument, this is indicated by a symbol above your spell slot

Can I use Spirit Ashes in PVP?

Spirit Ashes can only be used when playing offline

Spirit Ashes List

A full list of all Spirit Ashes is available here. This list includes every Spirit Ash in the game as well as all the upgrades available for each Spirit Ash.