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Elden Ring spells

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Adula’s MoonbladeSweeping slash followed by cold blade projectile
Agheel’s FlameSpews flame breath of Agheel from above
Ambush ShardStrikes from behind with projectile fired from distance
Ancient Death RancorSummons horde of vengeful spirits that chase down foes
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning SpearStabs with red lightning spear from above
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning StrikeSummons red lightning that spreads from impact
Aspects of the Crucible: BreathCreates throat pouch to spew fire while walking
Aspects of the Crucible: HornsCreates shoulder horn to gore foes from low stance
Aspects of the Crucible: TailCreates supple tail to sweep area before caster
Assassin’s ApproachSilences footsteps, reduces fall damage/sound
Barrier of GoldGreatly increases magic damage negation for self & allies
Beast ClawCreates beast claws that tear through the land
Bestial ConstitutionAlleviates blood loss and frost buildup
Bestial SlingSwiftly flings numerous sharp rock shards
Bestial VitalityHeals HP over a period of time
Black BladeBlack blade spinning slash that emits wave of light
Black FlameThrows a ball of raging black fire
Black Flame BladeEnchants right-hand armament with black flame
Black Flame RitualSummons circle of black flame pillars around caster
Black Flame’s ProtectionIncreases physical damage negation
Blessing of the ErdtreeGrants greater blessing to self and nearby allies
Blessing’s BoonGrants blessing to self and nearby allies
BloodboonScatters bloodflame before caster to set area aflame
Bloodflame BladeEnchants right-hand armament with bloodflame
Bloodflame TalonsCreates bloodflame lacerations that then explode
Borealis’s MistSpews icy breath of Borealis from above
Briars of PunishmentWounds caster to unleash trail of bloodthorns
Briars of SinSummons thorns from a whorl of own blood
Burn, O Flame!Raises a series of flame pillars around caster
Cannon of HaimaLobs an explosive magic projectile in an arc
Carian GreatswordPerforms sweeping slash using magical greatsword
Carian PhalanxForms a defensive arch of numerous magic glintblades
Carian PiercerImpales foes with magical greatsword
Carian RetaliationDispels enemy spells and retaliates with glintblades
Carian SlicerPerforms swift sweeping slash using magical sword
Catch FlameMomentarily sparks flame from hand
Collapsing StarsPulls foes toward caster with gravity projectile volley
CometFires a great magic comet
Comet AzurFires a tremendous comet within a starry torrent
Crystal BarrageFires a volley of glintstone crystal shards
Crystal BurstFires a burst of glintstone crystal shards
Crystal ReleaseScours area with violent rain of crystal shards
Crystal TorrentCreates crystal mass that fires stream of crystal shards
Cure PoisonAlleviates poison buildup and cures poison
DarknessCreates area of darkness that conceals caster
Death LightningStrikes surroundings with storm of death lightning
Discus of LightFires ring of light before the caster
Divine FortificationIncreases holy damage negation
Dragonbolt BlessingBolsters caster's body with lightning
DragonclawChannels dragon to rend foes with dragon claws
DragonfireChannels dragon to spew flame breath
DragoniceChannels dragon to spew icy breath
DragonmawChannels dragon to bite foes before caster
Ekzykes’s DecaySpews scarlet rot breath of Ekzykes from above
Elden StarsCreates a stream of golden shooting stars that assail the area
Electrify ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with lightning damage
Erdtree HealVastly heals HP for self and nearby allies
Eternal DarknessCreates dark space that draws in spells
Explosive GhostflameCauses ghostflame explosion that burns wide area
Fia’s MistReleases a mist of death before caster
Fire’s Deadly SinSets area and self ablaze with raging flames
Flame FortificationIncreases fire damage negation
Flame of the Fell GodSummons raging fireball that explodes and sets the area ablaze
Flame SlingThrows ball of raging fire
Flame, Cleanse MeAlleviates buildup & cures poison and scarlet rot
Flame, Fall Upon ThemHurls several balls of fire at once
Flame, Grant Me StrengthRaises physical and fire-affinity attack power
Flame, Protect MeGreatly increases fire damage negation
Fortissax’s Lightning SpearStabs from above with two red lightning spears in tandem
Founding Rain of StarsReleases a downpour of star rain for a while
Freezing MistReleases cold mist before caster
Frenzied BurstEmits concentrated blast of yellow flame of frenzy from eyes
Frozen ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with frost
Frozen Lightning SpearStabs with ice lightning spear from above
Gavel of HaimaAttacks using a magic greathammer
Gelmir’s FuryCovers area with surge of magma from the earth
Giantsflame Take TheeHurls massive ball of raging fire
Glintblade PhalanxForms a defensive arch of magic glintblades
Glintstone ArcFires a horizontally-widening magic arc
Glintstone BreathChannels dragon to spew magic breath
Glintstone CometshardFires a magic comet with a trailing tail
Glintstone IcecragFires mass of cold magic from glintstone
Glintstone PebbleFires magic projectiles from glintstone
Glintstone StarsFires three shooting stars that pursue foes
Golden Lightning FortificationGreatly increases lightning resistance for self and allies
Golden VowIncreases attack and defense for self and allies
Gravity WellPulls foes toward caster with gravity projectile
Great Glintstone ShardFires larger magic projectiles from glintstone
Great HealGreatly heals HP for self and nearby allies
Great Oracular BubbleLaunches a large magic bubble
Greatblade PhalanxForms a defensive arch of larger magic glintblades
Greyoll’s RoarEmits the roar of Elder Dragon Greyoll
Gurranq’s Beast ClawCreates beast claws to rend surroundings with shockwaves
HealHeals HP for self and nearby allies
Honed BoltStrikes foe with lightning bolt from above
Howl of ShabririShrieks, building up madness in nearby foes
Immutable ShieldIncreases left-hand shield's affinity/ailment resistance
Inescapable FrenzyLatches onto foes to spread madness
Lansseax’s GlaiveSweeps from above with red lightning glaive
Law of CausalityRetaliates upon receiving a number of blows
Law of RegressionHeals all ailments and dispels all special effects
Lightning FortificationIncreases lightning damage negation
Lightning SpearHurls lightning spear before caster
Lightning StrikeSummons lightning bolt that spreads from impact
Litany of Proper DeathCreates image of Order to deal holy damage
Lord’s AidAlleviates poison/blood loss/sleep buildup for self/allies
Lord’s Divine FortificationGreatly increases holy damage negation incl. allies
Lord’s HealMassively heals HP for self and nearby allies
Loretta’s GreatbowFires great arrow from a magic greatbow
Loretta’s MasteryFires four great arrows from magic greatbow at once
LucidityAlleviates buildup of sleep and madness
Magic DownpourSummon a magic mass that sprays projectiles over area
Magic FortificationIncreases magic damage negation
Magic GlintbladeCreates sigil that forms a projectile glintblade after delay
Magma BreathChannels wyrm to spew magma breath
Magma ShotFires lump of magma that explodes on contact
MeteoriteCalls small meteorites down from the sky
Meteorite of AstelCalls a hail of small meteorites from the void
Night CometFires semi-invisible magic comet
Night Maiden’s MistReleases life-sapping silver mist before caster
Night ShardSwiftly fires semi-invisible magic projectile
Noble PresenceThrust out belly with gusto to unleash repelling shockwave
O, Flame!Momentarily sparks roaring flame from hand
Oracle BubblesLaunches several small magic bubbles
Order HealingAlleviates death blight buildup
Order’s BladeEnchanted right-hand armament with holy damage
Pest ThreadsLaunches countless sticky threads before caster
Placidusax’s RuinSpews golden breath of Dragonlord Placidusax
Poison ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with poison
Poison MistReleases poison mist before caster
Protection of the ErdtreeIncreases affinity damage negation for self & allies
Radagon’s Rings of LightCreates golden ring of light to attack wide area
RancorcallSummons vengeful spirits that chase down foes
Ranni’s Dark MoonIncarnate a cold, dark moon and launch it at foes
RejectionProduces a shockwave that pushes away foes
Rennala’s Full MoonIncarnate a full moon and launch it at foes
Rock BlasterThrust staff into ground to emit a massive shockwave
Rock SlingSummons rocks from the earth and sends it flying
Roiling MagmaFires lump of magma that explodes after delay
Rotten BreathChannels dragon to spew scarlet rot breath
Rykard’s RancorReleases searing spirits that repeatedly explode after delay
Scarlet AeoniaCreates giant flower that explodes with scarlet rot
Scholar’s ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with magic damage
Scholar’s ShieldEnhances left-hand shield damage negation
Scouring Black FlameSweeps area before caster with black flame
Shadow BaitCreates shadow that lures the aggression of foes of human build
Shard SpiralFires twin spiraling projectiles
Shatter EarthThrust staff into ground to emit a shockwave
Shattering CrystalCreates crystal mass that shatters in forward burst
Smarag’s Glintstone BreathSpews magic breath of Glintstone Dragon Smarag from above
Star ShowerFires six shooting stars that pursue foes
StarlightCreates star light to illuminate surroundings
Stars of RuinFires twelve dark shooting stars that pursue foes
Stone of GurranqHurls a boulder before the caster
Surge, O Flame!Incinerates area before caster with stream of fire
Swarm of FliesReleases a swarm of bloodflies before caster
Swift Glintstone ShardSwiftly fires magic projectiles from glintstone
Terra MagicusRaises the magic strength of those within the sigil
The Flame of FrenzyEmits burst of yellow flame of frenzy from eyes
Theodorix’s MagmaSpews magma breath of Theodorix from above
Thops’s BarrierErect a magic forcefield to deflect spells
Tibia’s SummonsSummons Those Who Live in Death
Triple Rings of LightFires three rings of light before the caster
Unendurable FrenzyEmits violent burst of yellow flame of frenzy from eyes
Unseen BladeMakes right-hand armament completely invisible
Unseen FormMakes the caster semi-invisible
Urgent HealHeals a small amount of HP
Vyke’s DragonboltBolsters right-hand armament & body with red lightning
Whirl, O Flame!Sweeps area before caster with stream of fire
Wrath of GoldProduces golden shockwave that knocks back foes
Zamor Ice StormThrust staff into ground to create freezing tornado