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What are Stats?

Stats (or Statistics) are attributes that reflect your playstyle and determine what Weapons, Spells, Incantations, and armor you can use in Elden Ring.

How do I change my stats?

In Elden Ring you earn Runes by defeating enemies or exploring, once you have enough runes you can spend them at a Site of Grace to upgrade a Stat.

Over time the cost per Stat will go up reflecting your progress in the game.

Can I respec?

Miyazaki has confirmed in “The Overture of Elden Ring” that at some point you will be able to Respec your Stats, this will include a cost and is presumably limited.

What are the Stats and what do they do?


Vigor determines your overall health and affects your immunity to Fire and Poison damage.


Mind determines your overall Focus Points (FP), FP is used to cast spells, as such, if you’re going for a spellcaster playthrough you will want a higher FP.

Mind also affects your Focus resistance, which boosts protection from conditions like Sleep and Madness.


Endurance determines your overall Stamina, allowing you to perform more attacks and Dodge Rolls.

Endurance also boosts your physical defense and robustness, allowing you to negate more damage and gain protection against Frostbite and Hemorrhage.

Endurance also determines your Equip Load, one of the most important factors for any build, Equip Load determines how much weight you can have equipped whilst still being able to Dodge Roll effectively.


Strength determines your damage output with Strength-Scaling weapons, it is also required to equip some Weapons and Armor.


Dexterity determines your damage output with Dex-Scaling Weapons, it also reduces casting time and the amount of fall damage you take.

Dexterity will also help you stay on horseback for longer when you are in combat.


Intelligence determines your damage with sorceries and Intelligence-Scaling Weapons and is required to cast Sorceries.

Intelligence also boosts your resistance to Magic Damage.


Faith determines your damage with Incantations and Faith-Scaling Weapons and is required to cast Incantations.


Arcane determines your Luck, meaning you will find more and better loot when defeating enemies or exploring.

Faith will also affect any Faith-Scaling weapons and may be needed to cast certain Spells.

Soft Caps in Elden Ring

Soft Caps are where adding more points into a stat beyond a certain point becomes less beneficial. Level soft caps in Elen Ring are as follows and each attribute has either two or three soft caps:

  • Vigor – 40 / 60
  • Mind – 55 / 60
  • Dexterity – 20 / 55 / 80
  • Strength – 20 / 55 / 80
  • Endurance – 50 (Stamina) & 25 / 60 (Equipment Load)
  • Intelligence – 20 / 55 / 80
    • Intelligence Sorcery Damage Scaling – 60 / 80
  • Faith – 20 / 55 / 80
    • Faith Incantation Damage Scaling – 60 / 80
  • Arcane – 20 / 55 / 80
    • Arcane Incantation Damage Scaling – 30 / 45