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A knight exiled from their homeland to wander. A solid, armor-clad origin. The image released indicated that Vagabond will be dual-wielding. An ideal class for newcomers.

The Vagabond is a durable generalist origin well-suited to any melee-oriented setup, although you’ll need to unequip its Helmet or Halberd to skirt the <70% Equip load threshold for a functional Dodge Roll.

While this class cannot inherently use magic, a minimal investment in Faith or Intelligence will give it access to basic Healing spells or weapon augmentations, making it an equally suitable template for so-called “Spells-Word” configurations.

Vagabond Starting Stats

Stat Value
Level 9 vagabond
Vigor 15
Mind 10
Endurance 11
Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Intelligence 9
Faith 9
Arcane 7

Vagabond Starting Gear

Heater Shield
Vagabond Knight Helm
Vagabond Knight Armor
Vagabond Knight Gauntlets
Vagabond Knight Greaves