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A capable fighter from the remote Lands of Reed. Handy with Katana and Lightbows.

The Samurai is a heavy melee class comparable to the Vagabond, but with slightly more emphasis on Dexterity and versatility, slightly less on strength and survivability, and an explicit specialization in archery.

Equipped with a Longbow by default, Samurai are the closest origin to a traditional “Ranger” archetype, while their signature Katana can decimate enemies up close with its swift two-handed attacks.

Samurai Starting Stats

Stat Value
Level 9 Samurai
Vigor 12
Mind 11
Endurance 13
Strength 12
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 9
Faith 8
Arcane 8


Samurai Starting Gear

Fire Arrow
Red Thorn Roundshield
Land of Reeds Helm
Land of Reeds Armor
Land of Reeds Gauntlets
Land of Reeds Greaves