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Online Multiplayer

elden ring multiplayer

As is commonly seen in previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring includes online multiplayer. Similar to their other games there are multiple types of online play that can be initiated by using different starting items. Elden Ring multiplayer allows you to challenge other players, invade worlds, and also assist other players along their journey.

Group Password

Through the multiplayer menu, you can set a password that can be shared with others, players using the same password are more likely to see each other’s messages, bloodstains, and summon signs.


The messages function allows you to leave messages for other players to see in their worlds, you can write a message using keywords and attach a gesture, if other players rate your message your health will be replenished.

Elden Ring Multiplayer Items

Elden ring includes a wide variety of items linked to online multiplayer, each with its own effect you can find all these items here.

Summon signs

Summon signs can be used to invite others to your world, there are a few types of different signs:

  • Golden Summon signs invite other players to join you in co-operation
  • Red summon signs invite other players to face you in combat


There are 5 ways you can engage in PVP-

The first is by being invaded, you can only be invaded if you have a cooperative partner with you.

Secondly, you can use the Duelist’s Furled Finger, this will place a red summon sign in other worlds which players can use to summon you for a duel.

The third method is by using Taunter’s Tounge , this opens you up for invasion without needing a co-op partner.

The fourth method is by using the Bloody Finger, this allows you to search for worlds you can invade.

Finally, you can use the Blue Cipher Ring to be summoned to someone’s world who is being invaded, granted they used the White Cipher Ring.