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Elden Ring Warrior

A twinblade-wielding Warrior from a nomadic tribe. An origin of exceptional technique.

The Warrior is a light melee class with the highest Dexterity of all origins.

As such, it is purpose-built for utilizing Daggers, Spears, Curved Swords, and other weapons that scale primarily or exclusively with Dexterity.

It is initially equipped with a pair of Scimitars, enabling it to perform a deadly series of dual attacks, and a few extra levels of Intelligence or Faith will grant it access to basic healing magic or weapon augmentions.

Warrior Starting Stats

Stat Value
Level 8 Elden Ring Warrior
Vigor 11
Mind 12
Endurance 11
Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Intelligence 10
Faith 8
Arcane 9

Warrior Starting Gear

2 x Scimitar
Heater Shield
Blue Cloth Cowl
Blue Cloth Vest
Warrior Gauntlets
Warrior Greaves