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Torrent DescriptionTorrent

Torrent is a spectral steed who aids the tarnished on their journey to claim the Elden Ring. In a recent interview exclusive to “The Overture of Elden Ring” Miyazaki explains that Torrent is less about giving players a realistic horseback feeling and instead focuses more on offering players options for exploration, giving players the ability to traverse all the varied terrain is an essential part of the spectral steed’s role. Even if the path is a little rough, you can breeze right through it on your steed.

Where can I find Torrent?

You will unlock Torrent when you first meet Melina at a site of grace, she will give you a Spectral Steed Whistle, which you use to summon Torrent.

How do I use Torrent?

Once you have the Spectral Steed Whistle you can use it to summon Torrent, once you summon Torrent your controls will change to match mounted movement, you can find a full Controls breakdown here. This whistle is given to you early on in the game by Melina.

Is there mounted combat?

Elden Ring does include mounted combat, this can be a little tricky and takes some practice, however, putting in the time definitely pays off.

Mounted Combat makes many encounters a lot easier and may be required for some Boss fights, you can find the controls for mounted combat here.

Do I take fall damage whilst on Torrent?

You will take fall damage, however, you can fall from greater heights without dying but if you take a great fall you will perish, even if you jump before landing.

Can Torrent be killed?

Yes. If Torrent takes too much damage they will die. You can get Torrent back by using a Flask of Crimson Tears or resting at a site of grace. It is more likely you will be knocked off Torrent before they die, if an enemy breaks your guard (poise) you will be knocked off Torrent and they will be unsummoned. If you think Torrent is close to dying you can feed them by using Rowa Raisin to restore their HP.

Torrent Abilities

When you are riding Torrent you can easily traverse the open field of the Lands Between by using its dash ability, this ability is essentially a sprint feature for Torrent and allows you to cover huge areas of land quickly.

Torrent also has the ability to double jump (spiritspring jump), this is helpful for traversing the complicated landscape and you can even reach new heights using the Spiritsprings, these will shoot you up into the air without causing fall damage and you can even use these springs to safely travel down from massive heights. A full list of jump locations can be found on our interactive map.