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Overture of Elden Ring info drop – Miyazaki Interview


Overture of Elden Ring

We mentioned the Overture of Elden Ring earlier today as something to watch out for but the information is in the wild thanks to the digital release in Japan.

Included in this book/mag, is an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki covering numerous topics including some new information.

Overture of Elden Ring new info bites

  • The “open field” in the game is 10 times the size of the network test area.
  • There will be a lot of content outside of the shortest path to completion. Side quests and wandering of the beaten track are where you’ll find a lot of the content.
  • Items will be more visible making it easier to find the loot.
  • According to Miyazaki there are more than 50 spirits in the game.
  • Crafting was added so players wouldn’t have to keep going back to a hub to get materials.
  • Covenants will not be in Elden Ring.
  • A character’s appearance can be changed in the game so no need to spend hours tweaking your look at the start.
  • Miyazaki added Samurai armor to the game as he likes to add Japanese influences.
  • PvP is being tweaked based on feedback from the network test.
  • As we thought based on data we have seen, Miyazaki confirms flails will be weapons in the game.
  • Main boss characters will have a lot of dialogue and be noticeably vocal.
  • There will be a respec system but with some limitations.
  • Touching on lore, Miyazaki states that “guidance of grace” gives the Tarnished immortality and a chance to relive every time they die.
  • The moon plays an important part in the world of Elden Ring

The Overture of Elden Ring is now available in Japan from sites such as Amazon and Bookwalker.