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Elden Ring Lore

How Does Elden Ring Tackes Lore?

If you’re new to FromSoftwares games you may be confused about the Lore of the world, it is not presented through cinematic cutscenes and mission info. To figure out the Lore of Elden Ring you will have to do some reading.

As with their other games, most of the Lore can be found in item descriptions and NPC dialogue and is often left to your own interpretations. Due to the size of Elden Ring we can expect a lot of intertwined and branching lore delivered in the following ways.

Where you can find Elden Ring Lore

  • Item Descriptions
  • NPC Dialogue
  • Boss Dialogue
  • Environmental pieces

Key Lore Points

Before you start playing Elden Ring there are some key Lore points you should be aware of-

An age ago on a wintery night, the Rune of Death was stolen, allowing life after death and causing the fall of demi-gods and gave reason to a group known as the Golden Order Fundamentalists who seek to destroy those who gained life after death.

With the rune of death stolen and the Demi-Gods falling Queen Marika has been driven to the brink, the shattering of the Elden Ring ensued and plunged the Lands Between into a war that brought only darkness, who broke the Elden Ring and why is unknown.

When the Elden ring shattered it was split into two different tiers of Runes, the smaller more common runes are used as currency or as a way to grant yourself power, whilst the greater runes still hold their laws. These greater runes have been claimed by the Demi-gods who gain some power from them.

With the Lands between fallen to chaos and disorder, you, a lowly tarnished must set out to claim these runes and restore order.

If you want to know more about the lore in Elden Ring you can find the descriptions of each item, NPC dialogue, and more throughout PureEldenRing.