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Teardrop Scarabs


There are both Crimson and Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs. Defeat them to replenish the flasks that match their type.

There are many Teardrop Scarabs in the Lands Between, each with its own unique loot.


  1. Stormgate
  2. Seasky Ruins
  3. Limgrave Eastern Bridge
  4. Church of Dragon Communion
  5. Church of Elleh, to the North-East
  6. Agheel lake, Southern area
  7. Western Beach


  • TBC


The Number here correlates to the Location Number

  1. Ashes of War: Carian Glintsword
  2. Cure Poison
  3. Ashes of War: Piercing Fang
  4. Feast Upon Flame
  5. ??
  6. Glintstone Arc
  7. Ashes of War: Determination