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The Noble’s of Elden Ring are dedicated soldiers who have lost their way.

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Northern Mercenary

The Northern Mercenary is significantly stronger than your average soldier and should be approached with caution.

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Owls can be seen resting on the cliffs of Stormhill

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Poison Flower

Don’t be tricked by their vibrant colors and pleasing appearance.

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Poison Pod

Poison Pods are repulsive shallow-water creatures.

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A species that is unique to The Lands Between.

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Giant rats plague the mines and caves of Limgrave.

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Docile by nature, sheep will flee when approached.

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Skeletal Slime

Skeletal slime drudges the shores and shallows of Limgrave.

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Skeletons rise from cemeteries and ruins of the Lands Between.

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Soldiers defend the many outposts of the Lords from incoming threats, such as the Tarnished.

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Spirit Jellyfish

Seemingly the lingering spirit of a young girl on an eternal search for her sister.

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Teardrop Scarabs

There are both Crimson and Cerulean Teardrop Scarabs.

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The Trolls of the Lands Between are frequently enslaved for defensive positions

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Turtles are passive creatures almost driven to extinction by those seeking its meat

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Undead Dog

Undead dogs haunt the depths of Limgrave’s mines.

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Wolves hunt night and day in the Lands Between

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