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Controls - Elden Ring Control Sheet character PS5 PS4 1


A breakdown of the controls for Elden Ring

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Crafting will play an integral part in Elden Ring. It’s been added to the game so the player has the freedom to roam and not have to worry about restocking materials. See a full list of: Crafting Materials Consumable Items from crafting More crafting information will be available soon and more items added to the … Read more

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Elden Ring Crafting Recipes

Crafting Recipes

About Crafting Recipes Players can craft the following Elden Ring items with crafting recipes as long as they have the ingredients in their inventory. Some crafting recipes have no cookbook requirements but the correct cookbook will need to be acquired for those that do. Pots Icon Name Effect Crafting Recipe Magic Pot Uses FP. Throw to … Read more

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Elden Ring Previews

Day and Night cycle

Day and Night cycle Description A huge new feature to Elden Ring is the Day and Night cycle, the time of day plays an important role in Elden Ring, it determines Enemy types and locations and affects more aspects of the game that are detailed below, we know from the article in “The Overture of … Read more

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Elden Ring Achievements and Trophies

Elden Ring Achievements and Trophies

Elden Ring Achievements and Trophies guide and list.

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Elden Ring faq

Elden Ring FAQ

Check the FAQ to find out more about Elden Ring and common community questions.

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Details and information on all the gestures in Elden Ring.

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Controller Prompts

How to change Controller Prompts to PC Keys

This guide explains how to change the default device for on-screen prompts in Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Map Fragment Locations

Map Fragment Locations

Where to find all the Elden Ring map fragment locations.

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Online Multiplayer

Information on Elden Ring’s Online Multiplayer gameplay.

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Spirit Ashes

Spirit ashes are a new addition to Elden Ring that allows the player to summon the spirits of fallen enemies to assist them in combat

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How stats in Elden Ring work and what to focus on depending on your preferred playstyle.

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Weapon Upgrades

How do weapon upgrades work in Elden Ring? In Elden ring there are two way to upgrade your weapon, the first is by using Smithing Stone Shards at the Smithing Table, this type of upgrade changes the Numerical Value of the Weapon (+1,+2,+3 etc.). The second type of upgrade is through Ashes of War, these … Read more

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