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Land of Reeds Helm

Land of Reeds Helm Information

Helm of a warrior from the land of reeds

Helm made from strips of iron fastened together. Worn by warriors of the Land of Reeds. The Land of Reeds has long been locked in a miserable civil war, during which time it has remained alienated from the cultures of its neighbors. Little wonder that the entire nation has succumbed to blood-soaked madness, or so it is said.
Land of Reeds Helm

Land of Reeds Helm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 3.6
Sell Price: 200
Sell Price: 200
Poise: 5




Immunity: 26
Robustness: 22
Focus: 0
Death: 23

Damage Negation



Physical: 3.1
VS Strike: 3.4
VS Slash 4.8
VS Pierce: 3.4
Magic: 3.6
Fire: 4.0
Lightning: 4.2
Holy: 3.8

Land of Reeds Helm Location

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