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Map Fragment Locations

Elden Ring Map Fragment Locations

In order to reveal the Elden Ring map, map fragments need to be acquired by the player. These fragments are dotted around the Lands Between and are essential when looking for key locations in the game. Below you can see a list of all the map fragment locations.

The quicker you can find these map fragments, the easier it will be to traverse the world and find key objects and objectives.

Map fragments are classed as key items.

Below is a list of all known Elden Ring Map Fragment Locations.

Elden Ring Map Fragment Locations List

West Limgrave [View on Map] West Limgrave Map Fragment
East Limgrave [View on Map] East Limgrave Map Fragment
Weeping Peninsula [View on Map] weeping peninsula map fragment
Caelid [View on Map] caelid Map Fragment
Dragonbarrow [View on Map] dragonbarrow Map Fragment
East Liurnia [View on Map] Liurnia East Map Fragment
North Liurnia [View on Map] North-Liurnia Map Fragment
West Liurnia [View on Map] liurnia west map fragment
Altus Plateau  [View on Map] Atlus Plateau Map Fragment
Mt Gelmir [View on Map] mt gelmir Map Fragment
Leyndell [View on Map] Leyndell Map Fragment
West Mountaintops of the Giants [View on Map] west mountain top giants Map Gragment
East Mountaintops of the Giants [View on Map] east mountain top giants Map Fragment
Underground Fragments [View on Map] Underground Map Fragments

Check this page often. We’ll be adding the full list of locations soon.

If you find a location before we do, let us know in the comments and we’ll add your submission.