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Guide to choosing what class to play

We are now a few days away from being able to venture into the world of Elden Ring, over the past few weeks we have seen a lot of new information about Elden Ring, one of the biggest reveals was the 10 playable starting classes.

Your starting class in Elden Ring does not lock you into a specific playstyle, it should be seen more as a building block towards your desired playstyle, each class has unique starting stats and gear to help you on your way, however, it should also be noted that during the game you will be able to respec and change your playstyle if you so wish it, this does come with a cost though and will be restricted in how many times you can respec per playthrough.

Before we get into the details I suggest you check out our Classes page and get accustomed to each class.

Different types of playstyles

What class should i play?Elden Ring is an open-world action RPG, and so there is a lot of freedom throughout the game, you will find a plethora of weapons and spells during your adventure and you may not be able to use certain equipment.

Before you choose a class is it wise to think about how you want to play the game. Do you want to be a strong melee fighter who can take masses of damage and equally deal it out? Would you prefer to stay back and use ranged equipment to take down your foes? Or are you interested in the magic of Elden Ring?

These are just 3 examples of playstyles, you aren’t restricted to only using equipment that matches your playstyle as you can “multi-class”, putting a focus on both Strength and Intelligence would allow you to hit hard with weapons and cast useful spells.

The list of different Playstyles is extensive, ultimately it’s whatever you enjoy and you will most likely make switches during your playtime as you discover new ways of defeating your Foes.

So, What Class should I play?

This section of the article should be used as a guideline, these points are not fact and should be taken with a grain of salt, you will most likely find your own preferred ways to build your Tarnished based on your starting class.

The main difference between the 10 classes are their starting Stats, each has a focus on 1 or 2 stats with some paints placed into other ones, keeping that in mind we can determine the best starting point for each playstyle, so, let’s look at each class and its stats.

Class Level Vigor Mind Endurance Strength Dex Int Faith Arcane


6 9 15 9 8 12 16 7 9


5 10 11 10 9 13 9 8 14


10 10 13 10 12 12 9 14 9


7 14 9 12 16 9 7 8 11


9 11 12 11 11 14 14 6 9


7 10 14 8 12 8 7 16 11


9 12 11 13 12 15 9 8 8


8 11 12 11 10 16 10 8 9


1 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10


9 15 10 11 14 13 9 9 7

Vigor, Mind, and Endurance are universal stats that are useful for any class, these stats won’t affect your playstyle much and more determine your survivability and effectiveness with weapons and spells.


vagabondThe Vagabond is, at its core, a Melee focused class, starting with 14 STR and 13 DEX you gain access to most weapons in the early game, this class is best suited to players who are unsure of what type of weapons they want to use. If you find you prefer slower, harder-hitting weapons then focus on your STR stat, if you want to use quicker weapons and perform more attacks then focus on the DEX stat, it is a solid starting point for hand-to-hand combat without restricting what weapons you can use.

This Class does have decent INT and FTH stats as well, allowing you to quickly access some low-level spells if you feel your tarnished would benefit from these.


warriorThe Warrior is a DEX-focused Class starting with 16 DEX, if you want to perform a series of deadly attacks in quick succession this class is for you, utilising light gear you will be swift at both attacking and dodging.

You are initially restricted to weapons that prioritize DEX due to your low STR stat, it will take a significant amount of levels to be able to use STR Weapons.

Similar to the Vagabond, you can quickly access low-level spells to boost your arsenal, since this class focuses on DEX you will also gain a bonus to casting speed, this class is definitely suited to those who enjoy fast-paced action, you will sacrifice pure damage for quick attacks.


heroThe Hero is an STR focused class starting with 16 STR, this is the class for those looking to deal a lot of damage with each hit and boast large, heavy weapons, you will need to keep your equip load in mind when playing an STR class as you may not be able to dodge roll effectively.

This is one of the most restrictive classes, it has very low DEX, INT, and FTH meaning you will have to put in more effort to access other weapons and spells, the Hero is definitely suited to a pure strength playstyle.


BanditThe Bandit has a somewhat unusual start, its two main stats are DEX and ARC, the latter stat determines your overall luck. It’s clear from the starting gear that this class focuses on Ranged/Stealth attacks. If these two avenues are unavailable the player needs to try and get parries or backstab. For a new player this class will present a learning curve and so the Bandit is best played if you enjoy baiting enemies and timing attacks.

You can however quickly change the playstyle of this class as it starts at level 5 and has decent points in its other stats, so it wouldn’t be too much work early game to access better weapons/spells and still retain high luck.


Guide to choosing what class to play - Astrologer 1The Astrologer starts with 15 MND and 16 INT, this class is best suited to those looking to play as a sorcerer, if you choose this class you will need to keep in mind that hand-to-hand combat should be your last option, whilst you can shape this class into a “battle-mage” there are better classes to start as for that.

Magic in Elden Ring seems to be more prominent than in previous Souls titles and this class will give you quick access to higher-level sorceries without having to sacrifice levels. However, it will start with low HP so you’ll need to play carefully and keep an eye on your resources.


ProphetThe Prophet is the direct opposite of the Astrologer, starting with a high FTH, if you’re looking to use Fire and Holy based attacks then this is the class for you, however, you aren’t restricted to just attacking. A high FTH will allow you to use defensive and restorative incantations.

From my time with the CNT, Incantations proved to be highly effective in any situation, this class will present you with a powerful arsenal early game, however, if you run out of FP you will be in trouble as this class lacks proficiency in STR or DEX, if you want to be a pure Faith caster this is the class for you.


SamuraiThe Samurai offers a nice balance between ranged combat and close combat. Starting with a Katana and a Longbow you have a lot of freedom with this class during combat encounters. The Samurai also offers the highest starting stamina allowing you to land more hits and dodge roll without exhausting yourself.

This class seems to offer a lot of versatility for new players. It can be used to explore close and long-ranged combat whilst having enough health and stamina to survive most situations, if you want to engage in non-magic based combat without being restricted then this is the class for you.


Prisoner - Elden RingThe Prisoner is unique looking class with inviting stats, this class allows you to utilize both Sorceries and Swordplay with an equal 14 in DEX and INT. Initially, it may seem mediocre in the aforementioned damage types however as you level up and access new spells and weapons the Prisoner’s potential will shine through.

If you’re looking to play a “battle-mage” this is the class for you, I know I’ll be facing my first playthrough of Elden Ring as a Prisoner.


ConfessorThe Confessor is hard to pin down to a playstyle, it is definitely a defensive class but offers a nice mix of each stat, you can easily switch between Incantations and Swordplay with class and if you feel one suits you better you can focus on that stat.

Not as restrictive as the Prophet this class is ideal for those looking to use melee weapons without losing access to Incantations or sacrifice defense.


WretchA class seen throughout previous FromSoftware games, you start with nothing but a loincloth and a glorified stick, what you do from there is up to you, if you can get past the initial stage of no protection you will be able to shape this class however you want.

All stats start at a flat 10 for the Wretch allowing you to naturally fall into a playstyle and figure out what suits you without any restrictions, this class is not recommended for players new to the game and is better used on later playthroughs.

Final Note

Your starting class will only really dictate your first few hours of gameplay, you can shape any class however you want and you’ll naturally find a playstyle that suits you, I hope this article helps you decide the best starting point for you, let us know in the comments your thoughts on the classes and what you’re going to play.

We are only a few days away from being able to play Elden Ring, why not check out the new Overview Trailer or “The Overture of Elden Ring“.