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Taipei Game Show gameplay, interview and new info

Taipei Game Show

Earlier this morning a live stream for the Taipei Game Show aired with a large segment covering Elden Ring. On hand to answer questions as FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao.

Much of what was shown is what was seen in the recent network test but there are a few nuggets of information to come from the interview and gameplay.

  • Elden Ring is complete and has “gone gold”.
  • There will be a day one patch
  • New game plus will be in Elden Ring for replayability
  • Players can finish the game without experiencing everything
  • It’s impossible to see the whole game in one playthrough due to branching points near the end.
  • Enemy placements will not differ significantly during different time cycles (day/night) or weather which was a design decision. A small number of enemies do appear at night.
  • Night time and bad weather will hamper an enemy’s vision.
  • Not all areas will be accessible at the start of the game but you can travel to a “number of different regions”.
  • Players will be able to skip the Stormveil section that was in the network test if they so choose. If players find one area too difficult they can try another.
  • Players will converse with a number of NPCs at Roundtable Hold. NPC “cutscene” interactions will be about the same amount as in Sekiro.
  • Some item descriptions have been changed since the network test.
  • Some enemy and NPC placements have been changed since the network test and new ones added.

This sums up the Q&A section which covered any new details prior to release. At least we know the game is now gold and there are no more delays.

Watch the Elden Ring Taipei Game Show Interview and Footage