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Infinite falling death loop hack – A temp fix but beware

Infinite falling death loop hack - A temp fix but beware - You Died

This hack that’s doing the rounds right now is a pretty nasty one. An Invader alters save files and you end up in an infinite falling death loop.

While FromSoftware has not released an update to fix this, Reddit user Draiganedig does have a solution that may work for you if you get caught out by this. It may be a better idea to stay offline until this is fixed. Read on for the fix …

Infinite Falling Death Loop Fix

Currently, there is a hack doing the rounds whereby invaders will alter your save files in some way, causing you to enter a permanent, instant death-loop. There is seemingly no real fix for this, and so it is recommended to back up your saves as often as possible for the foreseeable future as a precaution.

That being said, and although I’m not on PC, I may have a potential solution for those affected by the hack:

    • Every time your game loads, you’ll get a split second before your “death”, and you must use it to press Alt + F4. This closes the game and allows you more time when you re-log back in to open your map.

    • When you re-login, open your map using whatever key it’s bound to (It’s the touchpad on the PS5), press the button that opens the list of available Sites of Grace (Triangle on PS5, Y on Xbox) and spam your confirm button (X on PS5, A on Xbox).

If done correctly, you should teleport safely to a Site of Grace. Back up any future saves just in case the hacks get more sophisticated.

It will undoubtedly take many tries and a lot of frustration to get it right, but I believe it’s the only current possible fix. Unfortunately, it’s either that, or Try fingers, but hole.

Good luck, Tarnished.

(Edited to clarify buttons when using different controllers).

The good news is that this method has worked for many people so far, which is nice. For those it’s not working for, just remember you have to Alt + F4 BEFORE you die. You only get a split second to time it correctly, and this allows you an extra second to open your map when you REOPEN your game, to hit that three button combination in rapid succession.


    • Close game BEFORE your death

    • When game reloads, immediately press:

    • Open map

    • Triangle (PS5) / Y (Xbox)

    • X (PS5) / A (Xbox)

Very quickly. Good luck.