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White Mask Varre Questline

White Mask Varre Questline Walkthrough

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
  • Exhaust Varre’s dialogue at the First Step site of Grace [Map]
  • Visit the Roundtable Hold
  • Return to Varre and exhaust his dialogue again
  • Defeat Godrick the Grafted and enter Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Exhaust Enia’s dialogue in the Roundtable Hold
White-Faced Varre Questline
  • Varre can now be found at Rose Church
  • Speak to him and choose the option “They didn’t seem right”
  • He will give you 5 Festering Bloody Fingers
  • You must Invade other players’ worlds 3 times, you do not need to win the invasion to progress
  • Return to Varre at Rose Church
  • Choose the option “Anoint me”
  • He will give you the Lord of Bloods Favor
White-Faced Varre Questline
  • You need to soak this Favor in a Maidens Blood there are 3 options-

          One found in the Chapel of Anticipation, you can get here from the Four Belfries 

          One found in the Church of Inhibition 

          You can kill Hyetta and soak the Favor in her blood (Not Recommended)

White-Faced Varre Questline White-Faced Varre Questline White-Faced Varre Questline
  • Return to Varre and exhaust his dialogue
  • He will give you a Bloody Finger and the Pureblood Knight’s Medal
White-Faced Varre Questline
  • You can use the Medal to be taken to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum or you can get here through a waygate in the Consecrated Snowfields
White-Faced Varre Questline
  • When you approach the Boss arena you will see a red summon sign next to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Midpoint site of grace, interact with this to invade Varre’s World
  • Defeat Varre in his world and he can now be found in yours laying on the ground
  • Exhaust his dialogue and he will die, dropping Varre’s Bouquet and 6 Festering Bloody Fingers
White-Faced Varre Questline