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Thops Questline

Thops Questline Walkthrough

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
  • Speak to Thops at Church of Irith
Thops Questline
  • You need to find a second Academy Key
  • The Second key is found on a Chandelier, you can get here by taking the broken steps on the left of the courtyard outside the Debate Parlor and traversing the rooftops, this video shows the route [Video]



Thops Questline

  • Return to Thops and give him the Second Key
  • Reload the Area and he is gone
Thops Questline
  • He can be found outside the Schoolhouse Classroom, turn right when you go outside and follow the cliffside
  • He is dead and you can loot his Bell Bearing, an Academy Glintstone Staff and Thop’s Barrier from his body
Thops Questline
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