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Sorceress Sellen Questline

Sorceress Sellen Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Location)
You can find Sellen in Waypoint Ruins

Speak to her here to access her spells

Blaidd the Half-Wolf Questline
Later in the game when you reach Mt. Gelmir you can find Azur, just past the Hermit Village, interact with his body to gain the spell “Comet Azur Sorceress Sellen Questline
Return to Sellen and she will ask you to find Master Lusat

Lusat is found in Sellia Hideaway, in the second area behind a seal, Interact with Lusat to gain the spell “Stars of Ruin

Sorceress Sellen Questline
After defeating Radahn Sellen will tell you to find her real body in Witchbane Ruins

Interacting with her here will grant you Sellen’s Primal Glintstone

Sorceress Sellen Questline
Go back to the throne room in Redmane Castle and you will find Jerren in there, exhaust his dialogue Sorceress Sellen Questline
Return to Witchbane Ruins to find Jerren again, exhaust his dialogue again Sorceress Sellen Questline
Now you need to go to the Ruins in the Three sisters, there is a Wandering Noble guarding a secret basement, in this Basement, there is a message from Seluvis, behind this message is another secret Wall, in here is Sellen, give her the Primal Glintstone Sorceress Sellen Questline
After you kill Rennala there will be two summon signs outside the room, below is what each offers you Sorceress Sellen Questline
Summoning to Assist

Defeat Jerren who drops Eccentric Set

Speak to Sellen and she will reward you with Glintstone Kris, she now stays here, if you found Lusat, when you reload the area you can pick up the Witch’s Glintstone Crown

If you revisit Azur and Lusat you can loot their Armor Sets


Summoning to fight

Defeat Sellen who drops Witch’s Glintstone Crown and her Bell Bearing

Jerren can be found outside the room and gives you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone