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Seluvis Questline

Seluvis Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
You first meet Seluvis in Ranni’s Rise after starting Ranni’s quest, speak to him here and he will ask that you visit him in his rise Seluvis Questline
Head over to Seluvis’s rise and speak with him here, he will give you a potion and ask you to give it to Nepheli Loux Seluvis Questline
Head to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Nepheli, do not give her the potion yet

After speaking with Nepheli go and talk to Gideon in the library about Nepheli and then speak with Nepheli again

Nepheli now should have moved to the entrance of the Village of the Albinaurics, speak with her here, and then defeat the Omen Killer boss inside the Village Nepheli Loux Questline
Nepheli can now be found down the stairs past Hewg, speak with her here and then return to Gideon

Speak with Gideon about Nephelis Despair and then hand over the potion to him.

Return to Nepheli and choose the “I heard from Gideon” option

Return to Seluvis and tell him you completed the task Seluvis Questline
To the North-East of Ranni’s Rise you can find some ruins, there is a hidden basement in the ruins, head into the basement and interact with the glowing message, there is an illusionary wall to the left of this message, head in here to find one of Seluvis’s Puppets Seluvis Questline
Return to Seluvis and speak to him about the chambers and he will sell  Puppet spirit Ashes in exchange for starlight shards

To continue his quest you need to purchase all of his sorceries and Spirit Ashes before finding the Fingerslayer Blade

IF you gave his potion to either Nepheli or the Dung Eater you can obtain their spirit ashes here

Seluvis Questline
Betray Ranni
This must be done before you pick up the Fingerslayer Blade

After purchasing all his Sorceries and Spirit Ashes Seluvis will tell you of his Plot, he will ask you to find an Amber Starlight.

The Amber Starlight is found in Altus Plateau.

From the Altus Highway Junction head North-East up the hill and stop down into a Chasm, here you will find the Amber Starlight

Seluvis Questline
Return the item to Seluvis and then reload the area to receive the Amber Draught Seluvis Questline
Head to Ranni’s Rise and give her the potion, speak with her 3 times and she will kill both you and Seluvis, if you return to Seluvis’s Rise you can obtain his Armour set and his Bell Bearing Seluvis Questline