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Rya Questline

Rya Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
Rya can first be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, next to the telescope, exhaust her dialogue here and she will ask you to retrieve her Necklace Rya Questline
Now you need to go to the Boilprawn Shack which is North-West from Rya, speak with Blackguard Big Boggart and he will sell you Rya’s Necklace Rya Questline
Return to Rya and give her the Necklace Rya Questline
To continue Rya’s questline you need to make it to Volcano Mano, once you are there speak with Tanith and Join the Manor, Rya can be found in the Drawing Room, speak with her here Patches Questline
Once you have completed the first Assassination for Volcano Manor go and speak with Rya again and she will mention strange noises in the Manor Patches Questline
Once you complete the second Assassination Rya will move across the Hallway into a different room, she is now in her true form and reveals her real name is Zorayas

After exhausting her dialogue go and speak with Tanith about Zorayas form, then refresh the area and Rya will be back in her human form, speak with her again

Patches Questline
To continue this quest you need to explore the Manor and go through the Prison Town until you reach the Guest hall Grace, to get to the prison town head through the first door on the right in the hallway and hit the wall behind the corpse to reveal a secret tunnel, go straight down into a larger room and there will be a staircase that leads you past a bloodhound and into the Prison town.

The Guest hall is the building across the bridge opposite the Imp statue door, to get to the grace you need to enter the building from either side as you cant open the front door from outside, head all the way down through the building until you are in a large dark room and on the right is the grace.

Return to Rya and tell her about the dark side of Volcano Manor


Rya Questline
Now you need to make your way through the rest of the Dark Side of the Manor, defeat the Godskin and pick up the Serpent’s Amnion. Rya Questline
Return to Rya and give her the Amnion, then refresh the area and Rya will be gone, speak with Tanith about Zorayas and she will give you a potion. Patches Questline
To find Rya you need to head back to the Temple of Eiglay, take the elevator up and jump down onto the Lava cliffs, head up and around and into the tower atop the cliffs through a window guarded by a Virgin Abductor, open the door and cross into the next tower and then turn left towards a dark doorway, take the elevator down but jump through a doorway on the way down, head out the window in here and across the small lava lake is another window you can jump through Rya is in here.

Speak with her, if you give her the potion here she will go to sleep, if you kill her she drops the Daedicar’s Woe Talismen.

If you choose to not give her the potion then return to her after defeating Rykard and speak with her, refresh the area and she will be gone leaving behind a letter and the Daedicar’s Woe.

Rya Questline