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Roderika Questline

Roderika Questline Walkthrough

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
Roderika Questline
  • Find the Chrystalids’ Memento inside Stormveil Castle
  • From the Rampart Tower site of grace, head outside and jump down onto the rooftops above the courtyard, drop down onto the side path, not into the courtyard, and head through a door opposite the stairs, follow this route until you see a Hanging Giant, below this giant is the Memento
  • Return to Roderika at night and give her the Memento, if she isn’t there skip to the next step
Roderika Questline
  • Talk with her twice at the Roundtable Hold, resting between each dialogue exhaust
  • Talk to Hewg about Roderika
  • Talk to Rodrika again
  • Talk to Hewg again
  • Reload the Area and speak to her again, she now offers Spirit Tuning