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Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline

Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline

This quest has a lot of steps and takes place in the underground a lot, a video will be coming soon showing exactly where to go

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
Speak to Ranni at the Church of Elleh after receiving Torrent, she will give you the Spirit calling bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes Ranni Questline
Progress through Caria Manor and defeat Royal Knight Loretta Ranni Questline
Make your through the back area of Caria Manor to find Ranni’s Rise

Make your way to the top of the rise and speak with Ranni

Agree to be recruited by Ranni and she will ask that you find the hidden treasure of Nokron, she will also ask that you speak to the three people in her tower, you must do this to be able to leave

After speaking with all 3 Ranni will tell you she is going to fall into a deep slumber, if you refresh the area she will be asleep

Ranni Questline

Blaidd will have told you to meet him in Siofra River, meet with him and he will tell you to speak with Seluvis in his rise (Next to Ranni’s Rise), Seluvis will direct you to Sellen who explains Radahn is the key to Nokrons Secret

Ranni Questline
You now Need to defeat Radahn in Redmane Castle

Once defeated a meteor will fall in Southern Mistwood Allowing the player to reach Nokron

Ranni Questline Ranni Questline
Make your way through Nokron until you reach a large grassy area with Ancestral Followers, if you follow the cliffside around to the left you will find a site of grace overlooking a lower City area, from here you can traverse down using the rooftops to end up in the City streets, Underneath the Giant Corpse sitting on a throne, is the Fingerslayer Blade.
Return to Ranni with the Blade and she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue

Make your way to the Carian Study Hall and use the statue on the table at the entrance to turn the tower upside down

After traversing the upside-down tower you will find the Cursemark of Death on Ranni’s Body

Return to Ranni’s Rise and she will be gone, make your way over to Renna’s Rise which is now open, there is a Waygate at the top of the Rise

Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline
The Waygate will take you to Ainsel River Well, on a Corpse near the site of grace you will find the Miniature Ranni doll

When you rest at the site of grace you must Choose the Option to speak to the doll three times to make her respond

Now you need to defeat the Baleful Shadow near Nokstella Waterfall Basin, to get here you need to travel through Nokstella and find the elevator which is on the opposite side of the city from where you start, on the ground floor, Nokstella is accessed from Ainsel River Well that Renna’s Rise sent you to

After Defeating the Shadow Ranni will give you the Discarded Palace Key

Travel to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library and use the key to open the chest next to Rennala, you will be given the Darkmoon Ring Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline
Now you need to defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void in the Lake of Rot

To get to Astel you need to make your way through the large Rot Lake into the Ruins, here you will see a Rot River, follow this river and enter the Coffin just before the giant waterfall, this will transport you to Astel’s Boss area

Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline
After Defeating Astel you can go to the back of the boss room and make your way to the Moonlight Altar.

Head to the Church of Manus Celes and you will see a hole in the floor, down here is Ranni

Use the ring on her body to free her and she will confirm you are now her Consort and reward you with the Darkmoon Greatsword

Ranni/Age of the Stars Questline
After defeating the Elden beast summon Ranni to complete the Age of the Stars ending