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Patches Questline

Patches Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
Patches is first found in Murkawater Cave, he is the boss of the cave however when he is around half health he will cower and tell you to stop, do not kill him here just wait for the encounter to stop and you will learn the Grovel for Mercy Gesture, if you reload the area patches will now sell you items Patches Questline
When you enter Liurnia Patches will move to the Scenic Isle and can be spoken to again, he will tell you about the secret way to Volcano Manor involving a Virgin Abductor below the lift at Raya Lucaria Patches Questline
After entering Volcano Manor Patches will relocate here in the entrance hall, after completing two volcano manor invasions speak with Patches and he will hand you an Invasion Request Patches Questline
This Invasion takes place in the boss arena at the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, you need to first defeat the Magma Wyrm boss and then reload the area to see the Invasion Sign Patches Questline
After completing the Invasion return to Patches and speak with him.

To continue his Quest you need to defeat Rykard under Volcano manor, to face Rykard you can either make your way through the town under Volcano Manor or complete all their requests and speak with Tanith who will teleport you to him

Patches Questline
After defeating Rykard speak with Patches once more in Volcano Manor Patches Questline
Patches will now move to the Shaded Castle, he is found just outside of the boss fog, speak with him here Patches Questline
After this he will move back to Murkwater Cave and will act as the Boss of the cave again, however, he surrenders a lot faster this time and gives you the Patches’ Crouch Gesture.

If you attack him three times he will be aggressive again, let him get you down to low HP and he will offer to accept your surrender, use the Grovel for Mercy gesture and you will get the Extreme Repentance gesture and after reloading the area he will once again be a Merchant

Patches Questline
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