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Fia Questline

Fia Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)

To start Fia’s Questline you need to activate a site of grace in Altus Plateau

After you have done this, let her hold you and she will give you a Weathered Dagger

Give this Dagger to D to continue the Quest


After you defeat a second Shardbearer you can speak to Fia again and she will give you a map to the location of a Black Knifeprint

The Black Knifeprint is found in Black Knife Catacombs and is needed for Sorcerer Rogiers quest

Fia Questline

After reloading the Roundtable hold Fia will be standing in the locked room just past the Blacksmith, she is standing above D’s body and will disappear when you enter

She can now be found in Deeproot Depths, in a secret side area that can be accessed by following the branches up around the large buildings

To speak to her you need to Defeat her Champions

After defeating the boss and speaking to her she will ask you to retrieve the Cursemark of Death which is found through Ranni’s Quest

Fia Questline
Return the Cursemark to her and exhaust her dialogue, reload the area and she will be asleep allowing you to enter the Deathbed Dream and face Lichdragon Fortissax
After defeating the Dragon you can claim the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince and unlock an alternate Ending
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