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Enchanted Knight – Only in Network Test [Archive]

Enchanted Knight - Elden Ring

The Enchanted Knight’s stats focus on Mind, Strength and Intelligence allowing you to switch between melee and casting or utilize both at the same time.

This class starts with the Carian Glintstone Shield which grants the player 100 physical resistance when blocking and is equip with the Sorcerer Hunter Skill allowing you to reflect magic attacks back at the caster.

“These Knights have embraced the power of Glintstone, facing enemies in melee combat while simultaneously casting spells. They often seek out and destroy those who use magic for nefarious purposes”

Enchanted Knight Starting Stats

Level 5 Elden Ring Enchanted Knight
Vigor 10
Mind 13
Endurance 11
Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 16
Faith 5
Arcane 5

Enchanted Knight Starting Gear

Winged Spear
Carian Glintstone Shield
Carian Sorcerer Staff
Carian Knight Helm
Carian Knight Greaves
Carian Knight Armor
Carian Knight Gauntlets
Glintstone Pebble
Carian Piercer