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Champion – Only in Network Test [Archive]

Champion - Elden Ring

This class only appeared in the Network test and is no longer in the game.

The Champion utilizes both Faith and strength creating a balance between melee combat and incantations, acting a paladin style class.

This class starts with Dragonfire which is effective at taking down large groups of enemies and bosses due to its incredible power and range.

“Equipped with a Sacred Seal and an Axe, the Champion can burn foes from a distance or take them head on in melee combat. They are ferocious fighters, who do not fear death.”

Champion Starting Stats

Stat Value
Level 5 Champion – Only in Network Test [Archive] - Champion 1
Vigor 13
Mind 9
Endurance 12
Strength 14
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 5
Faith 15
Arcane 11

Champion Starting Gear

Battle Axe
Finger Seal
Red Thorn Roundshield
Champion Headband
Champion Gauntlets
Champion Pauldron
Badland Gaiters