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Blackguard Big Boggart Questline

Blackguard Big Boggart Questline

Quest Step Location (Click for Map Link)
First, you need to speak with Rya.

Rya can first be found in Liurnia of the Lakes, next to the telescope, exhaust her dialogue here and she will ask you to retrieve her Necklace

Rya Questline
Now you need to go to the Boilprawn Shack which is North-West from Rya, speak with Blackguard Big Boggart and he will sell you Rya’s Necklace.

Once you can buy items from Boggart make sure to buy some Boiled Prawns to befriend him

Rya Questline
Boggart can next be found outside the Magma Wyrm Makar arena, he can be summoned here to assist you Blackguard Big Boggart Questline
Boggart will move to the Moat outside of Leyndell, he now sells Boiled Crab, and he warns the player about the Dung Eater Blackguard Big Boggart Questline
To continue Boggart’s quest you need to progress the Dung Eater’s Quest until he tells you he will be in the Outer Moat.

Exhaust Boggarts dialogue until he tells you the Dung Eater is lurking nearby, reload the area and speak with Boggart again, you will be invaded by the Dung Eater.

After defeating the Dung Eater return to Boggart to receive a Seedbed Curse, Blackguard’s Iron Mask, Iron Ball, and Blackguard’s Bell Bearing

Blackguard Big Boggart Questline

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