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Game Informer Elden Ring breakdown – New Gameplay

Here is a full breakdown of the Game Informer Elden Ring coverage. I may have missed some points but here is the list I’ve created to summarise new information.

It goes without saying that this will include spoilers for the first areas of the game so if you’re looking to go into Elden Ring blind then is advise caution when reading through this list.

Scroll down to see the full list.

Elden Ring is the Cover for Game Informer

Game Informer Elden Ring article Breakdown

  • New classes- Wretch, Hero, Vagabond, Warrior, Astrologer, Prophet, Prisoner, Intelligencer, Bandit
  • There is a tutorial boss named “Grafted Scion
  • Limgrave is a lot bigger than what we saw, including a new area called “The Weeping Peninsula”
  • Stormveil is also absolutely huge
  • You will be able to pick a starting item
  • There are creatures in deep water, however, you can not swim
  • Moonlight greatsword, Storm Ruler, and patches are returning
  • There is a huge Desert/Wasteland area to the east
  • A blacksmith is needed to fully upgrade your weapon
  • The Storyteller is called the Snow Witch and teaches you how to use spirits
  • New Ash of War: Oath of vengeance raises all stats and poise
  • There will be poison swamps
  • Minor Erdtress can be found and give you an item to upgrade your flask
  • You will need more upgrade items as your flask level gets higher
  • There is a huge underground area to explore called the Eternal City
  • A new area called Scarlet Rot-Blighted Caelid Wilds
  • Round Table Hold acts as our HUB, there is a lot of NPC’s to meet here and secrets to find
  • There is Frost Magic
  • You can get more Talisman Slots (They act as rings)
  • Rogier will be a vendor who sells Spells
  • There is an item that works similar to Pharros lock stone (DS2)
  • There are collectible paintings that guide you to rewards

The GI team posted four minutes of new gameplay to enjoy.