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Enjoy the Elden Ring soundtrack – Download and Interview

Elden Ring Soundstrack

It’s been a bit of a soundtrack day with a new interview and also the Elden Ring soundtrack being made available.

First up is an interview with Elden Ring composer Tsukasa Saito who discusses the creation of the soundtrack on the Playstation blog. His favourite track, the Elden Ring main theme of course.

Here’s a snip from the full interview.

For much of production, the process starts with a brief provided by the director. The brief describes the mood and imagery desired for the piece, including information about a character’s background, or the location/situation envisioned for battle music. We refer to this text, concept designs and in-game screenshots, allowing us to expand on the original vision and build out the track. Once the track is finished, it’s submitted to the director for feedback. Through multiple retakes we can then take our ideas further, refining the composition and adjusting until its complete. We also recorded with a full orchestra and singers for Elden Ring’s score. The orchestrator and performers did an absolutely wonderful job.

Where to listen to the Elden Ring Soundtrack

In related news, the full soundtrack is now available on just about every streaming platform so if you fancy listening to it outside of the game then head to these links. I think we can all agree it’s quite outstanding.

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