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Elden Ring to use EasyAntiCheat to stop hacks


Nobody likes cheats. Cheating can completely ruin an online multiplayer experience but there’s some good news as Elden Ring will use EasyAntiCheat.

The Steam EULA now shows that the third-party anti-cheat system is being employed for the game under Section 24 which reads as follows:

a) EasyAntiCheat. BANDAI NAMCO is using EasyAntiCheat anti-cheat service (“EAC”), which is operated by a third-party service provider. EAC has a client software that is integrated into the Game. When you start the Game, the EAC client software will automatically load and install its latest version to the Hardware. EAC will monitor the Hardware, analyze the Game binaries and scan Hardware memory for the purpose of detecting and preventing cheating in the Game (“Purpose”). For the Purpose, EAC stores information regarding cheating methods used in the Game (“Cheat Data”). By agreeing to this Agreement, or otherwise using this Game, you give your consent that EAC may gather, store, share, and publish Cheat Data for the Purpose. The Cheat Data will be used solely for the Purpose, including but not limited to identifying and banning players who are cheating in the Game, analyzing cheating behavior and cheating codes, as well as sharing data about cheats with affiliates of EAC.

You can find more information about the privacy practices of EAC by viewing their privacy statement at If you deny EAC the ability to process your personal data in accordance with their privacy statement or request EAC to remove or delete your personal data, we have the right to block your access to the Game and prevent your use of the Game.

EasyAntiCheat is present in loads of games these days such as Apex Legends. Rust, Smite, and well, loads more. This is great news for PC gamers who may have been concerned about hacks and other shenanigans in online games. EAC has proved pretty decent in other tiles.