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Elden Ring seamless Co-op mod released – Updated

Update 28 May: The mod is now available for download. Make sure you read through the notes carefully to understand how to install it and how it functions.

Original post

The Lands Between are huge, and while there’s a form of co-op in Elden Ring, being able to play co-op continuously and seamlessly would be quite something.

The good news is that it’s going to become a reality thanks to mod maker Luke Yui. He’s been working on a seamless co-op mod for a while expanding the current co-op experience. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Players can expect synchronised fast travel through a voting system,
  • Map waypoints are synced,
  • Evergaols, portals, etc. now all work correctly and affect other players in the session allowing you to tackle usually restricted areas in mutiplayer.
  • When a player dies during a boss fight they enter spectator mode until either the boss is dead other player dies.

As you can see, these enhancements pretty much open the game up for some real co-op exploration making this an unmissable mod for fans.

A few videos have been released with the latest one below revealing that the mod will be available from this Friday, 27 May via NexusMods.

Update: The mod is now available here.

Elden Ring seamless Co-op mod Release Trailer