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White Reed Gauntlets

White Reed Gauntlets Information

Gauntlets of a land of reeds veteran warrior

Gauntlets of the White Reeds, fashioned from banded iron plates. Worn by the Inaba, head disciples of the great swordsman Okina. The Inaba traveled in pursuit of not only the master who abandoned them, but also proper deaths, won honorably through hard-fought combat. To be a White Reed is to seek death; fitting for the Inaba, who desired nothing more than to die by the sword.
White Reed Gauntlets

White Reed Gauntlets Stats



Slot: Arm
Weight: 2.8
Sell Price: 200
Sell Price: 200
Poise: 4




Immunity: 22
Robustness: 14
Focus: 18
Death: 17

Damage Negation



Physical: 2.3
VS Strike: 2.5
VS Slash 2.8
VS Pierce: 2.1
Magic: 2.7
Fire: 2.7
Lightning: 2.9
Holy: 2.5

White Reed Gauntlets Location

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