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Snow Witch Skirt

Snow Witch Skirt Information

Skirt worn by Enchantress Ranni

Witch's skirt in the color of snow. Once worn by the snowy crone who the young Ranni encountered deep in the woods. She was a witch, and well versed in cold sorceries. It is said that the doll that houses Ranni's soul was modeled after her. That old witch was Ranni's secret mentor.
Snow Witch Skirt

Snow Witch Skirt Stats



Slot: Leg
Weight: 3.1
Sell Price: 1000
Sell Price: 1000
Poise: 5




Immunity: 24
Robustness: 20
Focus: 44
Death: 44

Damage Negation



Physical: 3.0
VS Strike: 3.4
VS Slash 3.4
VS Pierce: 2.3
Magic: 7.4
Fire: 7.4
Lightning: 7.3
Holy: 7.4

Snow Witch Skirt Location

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