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Radahn’s Redmane Helm

Radahn’s Redmane Helm Information

Helm of Radahn, God of War

Helm of the golden lion, with flowing red hair. Worn by General Radahn. Radahn inherited the furious, flaming red hair of his father Radagon, and is fond of its heroic implications. "I was born a champion's cub. Now I am the Lord of the Battlefield's lion."
Radahn’s Redmane Helm

Radahn’s Redmane Helm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 7.5
Sell Price: 2000
Sell Price: 2000
Poise: 11




Immunity: 26
Robustness: 42
Focus: 18
Death: 16

Damage Negation



Physical: 6.8
VS Strike: 5.4
VS Slash 6.7
VS Pierce: 6.3
Magic: 4.8
Fire: 5.0
Lightning: 4.5
Holy: 4.8

Radahn’s Redmane Helm Location

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