Omen Greaves

Omen Greaves Information

Greaves of a curse gnawed Omen

Malformed greaves resembling an Omen with its horns cut off.

Worn by the Dung Eater, their form is a vision of the landscape of his mind, and of his appearance as he wished to see it.

The heart of an Omen without the body to match; could there be any crueler existence?

What does it matter, then, if the curse claims it all?
Omen Greaves

Omen Greaves Stats



Slot: Legs
Weight: 14.3
Sell Price: 500
Sell Price: 500
Poise: 25




Immunity: 41
Robustness: 39
Focus: 35
Death: 35

Damage Negation



Physical: 10.6
VS Strike: 8.6
VS Slash 10.8
VS Pierce: 10.8
Magic: 7.4
Fire: 8.3
Lightning: 8.5
Holy: 7.9

Omen Greaves Location

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