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Incantation Scarab

Incantation Scarab Information

Mask made from a large, old red scarab's body

Golden scarab worn directly on the head. These scarabs roll clumps of incantations during their labors. Slightly reduces the FP costs of incantations, but increases damage taken. As a scarab approaches death, it abandons its rolled treasure and stretches its wings wide for the long journey to its home nest.
Incantation Scarab

Incantation Scarab Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 5.1
Sell Price: 500
Sell Price: 500
Poise: 6




Immunity: 42
Robustness: 22
Focus: 27
Death: 26

Damage Negation



Physical: 3.8
VS Strike: 4.0
VS Slash 3.8
VS Pierce: 3.8
Magic: 4.6
Fire: 4.6
Lightning: 4.6
Holy: 4.5

Incantation Scarab Location

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