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Duelist Helm

Duelist Helm Information

Bronze helm adorned with many snakes

Bronze helm decorated with innumerable snakes. Worn by gladiators who were driven from the colosseum. The wearer becomes a slightly easier target for foes. The snake is viewed as a traitor to the Erdtree, and the audience delighted in seeing these bronze effigies beaten and battered.
Duelist Helm

Duelist Helm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 6.2
Sell Price: 200
Sell Price: 200
Poise: 10




Immunity: 24
Robustness: 24
Focus: 11
Death: 12

Damage Negation



Physical: 5.8
VS Strike: 5.2
VS Slash 6.1
VS Pierce: 6.1
Magic: 4.0
Fire: 4.5
Lightning: 3.6
Holy: 4.2

Duelist Helm Location

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