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Crucible Greaves

Crucible Greaves Information

Greaves used by the Crucible Knights

Greaves of the Crucible Knights who served Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.Hold the power of the crucible of life, the primordial form of the Erdtree. Strengthen Aspects of the Crucible incantations.In time, the strength shown by these knights, and even their appearance, was seen as chaotic and deserving of scorn.
Crucible Greaves

Crucible Greaves Stats



Slot: Leg
Weight: 9.6
Sell Price: 1000
Sell Price: 1000
Poise: 20




Immunity: 31
Robustness: 44
Focus: 22
Death: 22

Damage Negation



Physical: 10.1
VS Strike: 8.0
VS Slash 9.6
VS Pierce: 9.6
Magic: 7.4
Fire: 7.3
Lightning: 6.5
Holy: 7.7

Crucible Greaves Location

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