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Beast Champion Gauntlets

Beast Champion Gauntlets Information

Gauntlets of Belnahr the Traitor

Silver gauntlets engraved with tiny beasts. Worn by Bernahl the Recusant. Beasts are drawn to champions, and to lords. And this armor befits a champion worthy of becoming a lord. And that is what Bernahl was. Until his maiden threw herself into the fire.
Beast Champion Gauntlets

Beast Champion Gauntlets Stats



Slot: Arm
Weight: 5.8
Sell Price: 200
Sell Price: 200
Poise: 7




Immunity: 19
Robustness: 30
Focus: 14
Death: 13

Damage Negation



Physical: 4.4
VS Strike: 4.1
VS Slash 4.7
VS Pierce: 4.6
Magic: 3.2
Fire: 3.4
Lightning: 3.2
Holy: 3.3

Beast Champion Gauntlets Location

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