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Banished Knight Greaves

Banished Knight Greaves Information

Knight's greaves, worn by salt winds and battle

Thick, full set of armor covering the entire body.These greaves were worn by knights who, whether by misfortune or misdeed, were forced to abandon their homes.These fierce warriors were each and all accomplished. Perhaps that is why, despite their territorial losses, they were still named knights.
Banished Knight Greaves

Banished Knight Greaves Stats



Slot: Leg
Weight: 10.8
Sell Price: 100
Sell Price: 100
Poise: 20




Immunity: 37
Robustness: 51
Focus: 24
Death: 26

Damage Negation



Physical: 10.8
VS Strike: 8.6
VS Slash 11.1
VS Pierce: 10.1
Magic: 7.7
Fire: 7.7
Lightning: 7.4
Holy: 7.6

Banished Knight Greaves Location

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