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Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau

Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau Information

Peddler Kalé's hat

Chapeau of the nomadic merchants. Decorated with tiny gems in a wide spectrum of colors. These merchants once thrived as the Great Caravan, but after being accused of heretical beliefs, their entire clan was rounded up and buried alive far underground. Then, they chanted a curse of despair, and summoned the flame of frenzy.
Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau

Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 3.0
Sell Price: 100
Sell Price: 100
Poise: 4




Immunity: 24
Robustness: 14
Focus: 31
Death: 20

Damage Negation



Physical: 2.8
VS Strike: 3.1
VS Slash 2.5
VS Pierce: 2.3
Magic: 3.4
Fire: 3.4
Lightning: 3.4
Holy: 3.1

Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau Location

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