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Blackguard’s Iron Mask

Blackguard’s Iron Mask Information

Iron mask worn by only the most violent offenders

Iron mask forced on convicted prisoners. Worn by the blackguard Big Boggart. To Boggart, the mask made him all the more threatening, and helped him get what he wanted. But it was also a mirror of his emptiness.
Blackguard’s Iron Mask

Blackguard’s Iron Mask Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 6.2
Sell Price: 100
Sell Price: 100
Poise: 9




Immunity: 22
Robustness: 31
Focus: 12
Death: 12

Damage Negation



Physical: 5.8
VS Strike: 4.4
VS Slash 6.1
VS Pierce: 5.5
Magic: 4.2
Fire: 4.4
Lightning: 4.0
Holy: 4.5

Blackguard’s Iron Mask Location

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