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Radiant Gold Mask

Radiant Gold Mask Information

Mask worn by researchers of the Golden Order

A mask designed to resemble a blazing golden halo. Created and left behind by Lord Goldmask, a staunch pursuer of Golden Order fundamentalism. Strengthens Golden Order incantations. Its striking design represents both the brilliant inspiration that once shone upon him, and the vision of a ring that he will surely find at the end of his pursuit. "To you who seek to shine as I do, wear it well!"
Radiant Gold Mask

Radiant Gold Mask Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 2.2
Sell Price: 500
Sell Price: 500
Poise: 3




Immunity: 22
Robustness: 9
Focus: 33
Death: 33

Damage Negation



Physical: 2.3
VS Strike: 2.1
VS Slash 2.1
VS Pierce: 1.4
Magic: 4.6
Fire: 4.5
Lightning: 4.6
Holy: 4.8

Radiant Gold Mask Location

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