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Marionette Soldier Birdhelm

Marionette Soldier Birdhelm Information

Iron mask worn by marionette soldiers

Metal helm formed in the likeness of the face of a bird. Worn by avionette soldiers, crafted to serve the sorcerers. The construction of this helm is remarkably crude. For a doll, the only thing that matters is that it does not break.
Marionette Soldier Birdhelm

Marionette Soldier Birdhelm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 3.8
Sell Price: 100
Sell Price: 100
Poise: 6




Immunity: 11
Robustness: 18
Focus: 8
Death: 9

Damage Negation



Physical: 4.4
VS Strike: 3.1
VS Slash 4.0
VS Pierce: 3.8
Magic: 3.1
Fire: 3.1
Lightning: 2.5
Holy: 2.5

Marionette Soldier Birdhelm Location

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