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Marais Mask

Marais Mask Information

An eerie white haired silver mask

Mask in the image of a white-haired young noble. Customarily worn by the head of House Marais. Increases arcane. The Marais family has a dual history spanning generations, serving as both executioners and castellans of the Shaded Castle. This mask bears the likeness of the first of their line.
Marais Mask

Marais Mask Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 2.2
Sell Price: 500
Sell Price: 500
Poise: 4




Immunity: 20
Robustness: 14
Focus: 35
Death: 33

Damage Negation



Physical: 2.1
VS Strike: 2.3
VS Slash 1.8
VS Pierce: 1.4
Magic: 4.6
Fire: 4.5
Lightning: 4.5
Holy: 4.6

Marais Mask Location

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