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Malformed Dragon Helm

Malformed Dragon Helm Information

Malformed, golden helm used by Gnarrl

A malformed golden helm. Adorned with various dragon imagery and worn by the misshapen Tree Sentinels. After the great ancient dragon Gransax attacked, the sentinels had an epiphany. The only way to truly protect the Erdtree was to become dragons themselves.
Malformed Dragon Helm

Malformed Dragon Helm Stats



Slot: Head
Weight: 6.8
Sell Price: 1000
Sell Price: 1000
Poise: 10




Immunity: 24
Robustness: 33
Focus: 16
Death: 16

Damage Negation



Physical: 6.1
VS Strike: 5.4
VS Slash 6.3
VS Pierce: 6.1
Magic: 4.6
Fire: 4.6
Lightning: 4.9
Holy: 4.6

Malformed Dragon Helm Location

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